Often confused trimming and pruning are different techniques that produce very different results.

Trimming is appropriate for more formal gardens and for hedges but for individual plants pruning is by far the better option to maintain plant health and appearance over time.

Hedge trimming and maintenance

We have specialist tools and lots of experience at maintaining hedges to a high standard. Whether you are requiring an annual service or a one off reduction to contain and shape your hedges we provide a highly professional, efficient and skilled service committed to achieving the required objectives and maximising the potential of your hedges.

Hedge planting

If you are considering adding a new hedge, or enhancing or replacing an existing one, we have all the expertise required to help with selecting the right plants, spacing them correctly and setting them up for a long and healthy life. We can advise on how to maintain your new hedge whilst it is establishing and how to look after it for the years to come.

Shrub Pruning

The objectives of pruning shrubs are to maintain vigour, remove older, damaged, diseased or overcrowded branches to help maintain the natural size and shape of a plant, and improve flowering and fruiting.

Correct pruning is one of the most essential of all management practices for shrubs in the home landscape. Proper pruning will help keep shrubs vigorous, maintain them in proper shape and form for a desirable landscape effect and add years to their usefulness.