Commercial tree work is very varied and covers a number of different services
At Town & Country Trees we believe that the combination of our dedication and abilities, together with our experience and knowledge base is the most successful way of achieving practical tree care solutions and ensuring an absolute commitment to client care and satisfaction.

We offer a comprehensive range of commercial arboricultural services which include:

  • Estate tree care and Maintenance
  • Development site clearance & preparation
  • Tree survey recommended works
  • Tree Management in Public Spaces
  • Specialist tree removal of hazardous trees.
  • Roadside Tree Management
  • Local Authorities Contracting
  • Housing Association Contracting
  • Conservation management works.

All our tree works are fully supported by risk assessments & method statements.

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There can be a vast difference between the techniques and practices of professional arborists and those of inadequately trained tree workers who simply "trim trees". Some commonly offered "services" are considered unacceptable by modern arboricultural standards and may seriously damage, disfigure, weaken, or even kill trees. One such example is tree topping, lopping, where entire tops of trees or main stems are removed leaving large unsightly stubs.

Trees that manage to survive such treatment are left prone to a variety of detrimental effects, including vigorous but weakly attached regrowth, susceptibility to pests and fungal or bacterial infection and internal decay. We are dedicated and experienced in doing the best for your tree's long term health, whilst achieving the result you want.

Stumps can be left in the ground however this has the potential to lead to problems such as suckering, where new shoots arise from the remaining stump or disease.

If you wish to replant or reclaim the space for laying a lawn or a landscape project then it is likely that you will need to consider removing the stump, however if the stump is in an awkward location then chemical treatment may be the only option.

Often confused trimming and pruning are different techniques that produce very different results.

Trimming is appropriate for more formal gardens and for hedges but for individual plants pruning is by far the better option to maintain plant health and appearance over time.